• jase


  • Fuze The Mc

    Fuze The Mc

    once called Dopest Nigga of the Year - Big Boi(of Outkast) Founder of #NobleBlackSociety |XXL & MTV FEATURED| ATL - DC

  • Liang-Bin Hsueh aka hlb

    Liang-Bin Hsueh aka hlb

    Co-founder and COO of @InfuseAI

  • r.ishibashi


    Scala,リファクタリング,DDD,分散処理,リアクティブ,Stream処理,フロントエンド twilog - http://twilog.org/cactaceae

  • Ken Sun

    Ken Sun

  • Andrea Prearo

    Andrea Prearo

    Experienced iOS Engineer and Software Craftsman with extensive expertise in building reusable libraries and components to scale development teams and products.

  • vincent daubry

    vincent daubry

    Co-fondateur de Youboox : le streaming gratuit de livre numériques! Développeur iOS et Ruby on Rails.

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